Facebook Pages

Marketing with Facebook Pages

It seems that nowadays almost every person you know is on Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site that lets you communicate with people within your network (geographic region, industry, friends, family). Close to 200 million people are using Facebook in the United States alone. There’s a good reason for that.

Facebook is modern day, online social gathering . People are discussing what movies they like, the events that they attended, the products they purchased and the services they used. Facebook provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to interject themselves into these conversations.  Insight Forge can create and customize ‘pages’ for companies that people can become fans of and get updates on. If someone becomes a fan of your business, their entire network will see that – which creates many more potential customers.

Insight Forge has created and managed Facebook pages and marketing campaigns for companies in several industries. We have experience in leveraging the newest Facebook tools and strategies to make sure your business can get the conversation started the right way.