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Insight Forge: San Francisco Startup Incubator

The Insight Forge team has been at the lead of a variety of cutting edge projects in the Silicon Valley startup world; from one of the first live video broadcasting sites to B2B lead generation sites. We are always interested in collaborating with like-minded innovate entrepreneurs.

Simply contact us with what you have in mind and if we think it’s a good idea we can discuss options for collaboration.

Here are a few previous startup projects Insight Forge was involved in:

Seero was one of the first live video broadcasting sites on the market – allowing users to stream live video on the web from their webcam or UMPC (this was pre-smart phone streaming). Seero also fused real-time GPS tracking to the live video, so that a viewer could see where a broadcaster was along with the stream.

Seero was also one of the first companies to tie location based advertising to GPS coordinates – which now has become a widely successful practice within the mass market of mobile devices. is the only service that allows you to create mutating links that evolve to the tastes of your audience. The URL service enables users to enter a keyword and then auto-links to the most relevant websites. Depending on how users interact with the end destinations, one URL ‘evolves’ as the best choice.