Google Adwords has been adding to the number of extensions options for serving ads.  Extensions are a great way for businesses to increase visibility on their ads, including options to add an address, phone number or additional site links.  Here is the lowdown on each of the Adwords extensions, as well as what they look like when they are served.

Adwords Location Extension

Location Extensions: The Adwords location extension appends a business address under the standard ad.  The business address can either be pulled from a connected Places account or manually entered.  Location Extensions can also appear in Google Maps with a customized icon on the map, or on Google’s display network with an ad that expands into a map. Locations extensions are great for local businesses that want to directly target potential nearby customers.

Adwords Phone Extension

Phone Extensions: The Adwords phone extensions only work for high-end mobile devices, such as Android or iPhones.  That being said, in a place like San Francisco, nearly everyone has a smart phone and is very likely to utilize the phone extensions.  The extension appends a linked phone number to a business’s ad.  Clicking the link will input the number into a phone so that it is ready-to-dial with the push of a button.

Adwords Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extensions: Sitelink extensions are additional links under an ad that direct a user deeper into a website or landing page for more information. For example, sitelinks could direct a user to ‘about us’ and ‘pricing information’  in addition to the standard landing page. Not only are Adwords sitelinks a great way to provide a user more information, but they also give an ad more real-estate on the results page and are likely to improve CTR. One thing to note is sitelinks will only be attributed to the ads with the best Quality Score or most relevant information for a search query.  In most cases, this will be the specific brands that are advertising their own products.

Adwords Product Extension

Product Extensions: Product extensions allow you to sync up your Google Merchant Center account and include information on your products directly within your ads. Images, titles and prices may be some of the product information that is included in your ad.  Using product extensions is a great way for a business to directly use Adwords to highlight and sell items from their Merchant Center account.