Small businesses can often become quite overwhelmed with everything that comes along with running pay per click, search engine optimization and social media campaigns.  Beyond the massive amount of information out there on the subjects and the constantly evolving landscape, simple things like abbreviations can add to the confusion.  SEM, SEO, PPC, CPC, CTR, SERPs, A/B, ROI are just a few of the many abbreviations and industry terms that are thrown around on a regular basis.

Our goal at Insight Forge is to handle projects for our clients from seed to plant to harvest.  We’ll gladly share our knowledge with you about how everything works, but if you’re a busy small business owner (like many of our clients are) you may not have time to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry.  That’s fine – that’s why we’re here.  Don’t sweat the abbreviations (or anything else).