bullittYou’d think I’m referring to the famous 1968 Ford Mustang that Steve McQueen drove during the chase scene in Bullitt.  However, i’m speaking of a different type of ‘vehicle’ that showed off McQueen’s driving skills.

The Bullitt Chase scene gained a recent resurgence after the live video platform Seero.com tracked the entire chase with real-time GPS synced to video from the film.  It was recently released that Seero is up for sale to the highest bidder on Ebay.

Seero was one of the first live video broadcasting platforms available, debuting not long after Justin.TV in 2007.    Seero distinguishes itself by offering novel GPS sync functionality, allowing broadcasters to track their position along with any live video feed.  Although it doesn’t have the most traffic out of the current live broadcasting platforms, it certainly has a great look and feel.  I can see a number of companies in the Travel, Auto, or GPS sectors benefiting from  Seero’s technology and UI.