Google recently released a video emulation of what it would be like for a wearer to experience the world through it’s upcoming product – Google glasses. The video is complete with the wearer checking the weather when looking out the window, getting directions as he walks down the street, meeting a nearby friend through Google+, and even letting his girlfriend see the sunset through his eyes as he watches it from a rooftop. It all sounds very romantic – however, there is one thing currently missing from the ‘vision’ that is ubiquitous to most Google products and certainly their primary business model – advertisements.

Where are the PPC ads laid out by Google Adwords? After all, reaching out to users as they literally are looking at products & services could be an extremely effective platform. Although there are surely some kinks to be worked out (such as how a user might click on an ad, as well as preventing potential hazards from blocking your field of view) Google’s ad team is surely working hand in hand with the team at Google X for seamless integration.

There are also quite a few worries that have come up as far as the injection of advertisements into this new world of augmented reality. The vocal community over at Reddit even re-tuned a shot from the video with some interesting injected ad placements and also have been having a lively conversation about the topic.