Many franchise companies as well as most businesses have proprietary names and brands that are trademarked. This tool can be utilized very effectively through Google Adwords and any other pay per click marketing platform that includes ad titles and copy.

Including a ‘TM’ or ‘®’ symbol within your ad title or copy can visibly improve the click through rate of your advertisement. From a customer’s perspective, this adds credibility to your advertisement and lets you stand out from your competitors. Especially given the fact that you have very limited space to convey a message in your ppc ad, this simple symbol can convey a world of meaning in only one character.

If you are bidding on your own brand name, this is the perfect place to utilize a trademark symbol to separate yourself from competitors that might also be trying to bid on your name and related keywords. Although in the past there was some debate over whether or not to bid on your own name, the general thought today is it’s probably a good practice in most industries and markets. Although there is the chance you could be cannibalizing clicks that would otherwise go your free organic listings, that in general is better than your competitor stealing clicks when high potential customers are specifically looking for your services. In addition, bidding on your brand name and utilizing a trademark symbol in your ad copy can bolster your overall ‘page presence’ which can have a huge effect on a customer’s ‘purchase psychology’ (and therefore improve click through rates and conversion rates overall)

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